Preparing a visit to the vet with your dog

Preparing a visit to the vet with your dog

Filou’s appointment with his veterinarian is made. Unfortunately, for many owners, the hardest part is still to come and the trip to the vet’s office can be a real challenge.

Preventing motion sickness

In general, the first visit to a veterinarian is done without apprehension. But it is important not to associate this visit with the first car ride. Indeed, some dogs get motion sickness even for a short distance. Arriving smeared or soiled doesn’t help the moment. If you know that your pet is car sick, you can anticipate and go to the clinic to get food supplements that will help him/her cope with the trip.

Choose the best time

Try to choose an appointment time that is less crowded, both in the clinic and in the neighborhood where it is located. The hustle and bustle of a nearby school outing or the presence of many other patients in the waiting room can be disruptive to your dog.

Amazing Dog Hacks

Think about safety

Your dog should wear a collar or harness and be kept on a leash. Regardless of his age and obedience level, the clinic is still a stressful area. There are also feline patients who don’t need an inquisitive muzzle on their cage door to increase their anxiety. Finally, the bags of kibble displayed in the waiting room, the legs of chairs or other shelves are all tempting targets for a little pee that should be avoided.

Don’t allow your dog to become stressed

If it is natural to want to reassure your companion, this attitude contributes in fact… to reinforce his fear. In fact, we “legitimize” it by adopting an overly protective attitude. It is better to be indifferent, to trivialize the visit. In the same way, if your pet has been agitated on the examination table, you should not cuddle it by putting it back on the floor. This would be a reward for his behavior. If your pet has been calm and cooperative, a treat will be welcome.

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Take a walk before the visit

Stress increases natural urges, as does taking a rectal temperature. This is not pleasant for anyone, least of all your companion. To limit these inconveniences, taking the time for a hygienic walk before the consultation is a good routine.

Come often to the clinic

Our pets associate the veterinary clinic with memories of what they have experienced there. The visit following a painful consultation or surgery is often even more difficult. It can be useful to go regularly to weigh your pet or to look for his kibble or antiparasites with him. Members of the veterinary team will give your pet a treat or a pat on the back, which will help to associate the place with more positive memories.

Despite this advice, some animals have such a high degree of stress that this will not be enough. For these animals, the administration of medication prior to the visit can be suggested. Do not hesitate to mention this when making the appointment.

The most recalcitrant dogs must be muzzled and accompanied by a master capable of holding them. To limit the risk of accidents, it is essential to inform the veterinarian.




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