it's bath time for your dog

it’s bath time for your dog

Our dear companions often have a strong taste for mud baths and other smelly or staining pleasures! The shampoo ritual is therefore a must, more or less simple depending on the dog’s character.

Limited frequency, adapted products

The skin barrier is protected by sebum. But this is destroyed by shampooing and repeated “aggression” of this protective film leads to its excessive production. And it is this sebum that is the source of our dear doggies’ smell. This is why it is not recommended to wash your pet more than once a month. This is also why it is important to choose an adapted shampoo that will respect the pH of the animal’s skin and will limit the aggression of the dermis. In addition to the classic physiological shampoo, there are special presentations if the animal has sensitive skin (atopic skin, keratoregulator, etc..)

Time is needed

it's bath time for your dogIf some animals appreciate the bath, as a moment of complicity, others see it coming with a bad eye and immediately look for an escape. It is therefore preferable to allow enough time, to choose a comfortable outfit and to prepare what you will need at hand (brushes, products, towels, etc.). It is also recommended to schedule a walk to allow your dog to let off steam before washing him. You should start with a good brushing, if possible outside, to remove a good part of the dead hair. This will limit the amount of tangles, time spent detangling and cleaning the bottom of the tub. If your pet is large and heavy, use the shower tray so you don’t have to carry it. Also, whether you put your pet in the tub or the shower tray, remember to bend your legs to save your back!

Amazing Dog Hacks

Establish a ritual

It’s best to get your pet used to this session from a young age, even if a puppy’s bath can quickly turn the bathroom into a swimming pool! The regular care needed for your pet’s hygiene can be grouped together on this day, if he is patient. You can start by checking the length of the claws and trimming them with a suitable nipper. Take the opportunity to check the space between the fingers (absence of spikes, redness… or chewing gum). Then, clean the eyes with physiological serum, then the ears with wipes (especially for dogs who hate the sensation of liquid in the ear) or with a product recommended by the veterinarian.

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The rinsing not to be neglected

Before showering your dog, it is recommended to place absorbent cotton in his ears to avoid wetting them, which can cause ear infections. The shampoo will be applied in 2 times, leaving the 2nd application for a few minutes. We start with the least dirty part (head, back and flanks) before going down to the legs and under the tail. The water must be lukewarm and the rinsing thorough and abundant. You can finish with a detangler if necessary. Drying takes time for long-haired dogs. We start by “wringing out” the legs and tail in the bathtub before plugging the dog. The most courageous will have the right to a hair dryer before a brush stroke… and a treat as a well deserved reward.

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