The mamalute, from sled dog to pet

The mamalute, from sled dog to pet

The Alaskan Malamute, often confused with the Husky, is a breed of sled dogs from the Far North. Presentation of this animal with a strong potential of sympathy.

A little history

The Malamute is one of the oldest Nordic breeds. Its name comes from the Mahlemiut tribe in the North-East of Alaska. The Mahlemiuts bred the dog for both hunting and sledding. The Malamute was also used to pull the equipment of the gold diggers in the 19th century. Crossbreeding was attempted by the settlers with European dogs during the gold rush. Unfortunately, the dogs resulting from these crosses were not as well adapted to the extreme conditions of life in Alaska, nor as “economical” in terms of food requirements. By the early 1930s, the number of Malamutes had declined to such an extent that the breed appeared to be under threat. However, thanks to passionate people like Eva Seeley, the Malamute did not disappear. With her husband, she is at the origin of a lineage called Kotzebue. Another line, bigger and stronger, will be called M’Loot, developed by Paul Voelker. A last lineage created by Robert Zoller is called the Hinman-Irwin. The Malamutes that we meet today are a mixture of these 3 initial lines.

A Husky-like look

The mamalute, from sled dog to petThe Malamute is the most powerful and robust of the sled dogs. Often confused with the Husky, it is in fact stronger and larger than the latter. As an adult, the male Malamute measures up to 66cm at the withers and weighs over 40kg. The coat is medium long, a little rough, very thick, grey-black or white, bicoloured or tricoloured. The undercoat is very dense, woolly. The tail is carried high and plume-like. The head of the Malamute is broad with an elongated muzzle and dark nose. The eyes are brown and almond-shaped. The pointed ears are set high on the head and carried erect. The general appearance of the Malamute reflects its robustness: the chest is broad, the body muscular, the legs are solid and the shoulders powerful.

Amazing Dog Hacks

A powerful animal

The Malamute is a very enduring animal. It is even nicknamed “snow locomotive”. It is able to pull heavy loads over long distances. It can withstand extreme temperatures, down to -45°c! However, it is not known for its speed. It is a devoted and friendly animal that is no longer used for work but as a pet. It is adapted to cool regions and suffers easily from the heat. It likes long walks and needs exercise. The Malamute does not appreciate solitude but does not easily cohabit with other dogs of the same sex. He can be independent and dominant and must be made to understand, from an early age, that he is not the one who decides at home. The energy needs of the Malamute are moderate and we must be careful not to offer him a diet too rich, otherwise he will gain weight.

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