Preparing a visit to the vet with your dog

Filou’s appointment with his veterinarian is made. Unfortunately, for many owners, the hardest part is still to come and the trip to the vet’s office can be a real challenge. Preventing motion sickness In general, the first visit to a veterinarian is done without apprehension. But it is important notContinue Reading

How to keep your dog smiling

Our pets’ mouths deserve all our attention. Choosing the right food, brushing the teeth, scaling… here are some tips to ensure the oral health of your dog, which, and this is not negligible, will also ensure the comfort… of the smell of his masters. Get the dog used to itContinue Reading

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Dogs Ears?

You do not require a great deal of tools to clean your pet’s ears in your home. Numerous human grooming tools are utilized, such as cotton balls, tissues and child wipes. Your vet can assist you select the best ear cleaner for your pet. doggysaurus.comИзображение: doggysaurus.comWhen cleaning up the beyondContinue Reading

10 things to know before adopting a dog

The life expectancy of a dog is on average a good ten years, knowing that many of them happily exceed the age of 15 years. Its adoption is therefore a long-term commitment and the adopter must be aware that he will be responsible for his animal, its well-being, its health,Continue Reading

How To Get, Hold & Bring a dog

Getting, holding, and bring your canine isn’t simply a fantastic method to slip in a cuddle. It’s a great way to interact socially and adapt your puppy to individuals, too. You might likewise require to bring your canine since of health problems, or since you remain in a congested orContinue Reading

10 Pupyp Teething Survival Tips

What are the very best training ideas for a pup who’s teething? When do pup teeth fall out? When should I be stressed over my pet dog’s gums and teeth? Every pet dog owner has actually discovered themselves asking these concerns eventually– and we’re here to assist. Whether you’re handlingContinue Reading

Which Pet dog Fools Are Many Popular?

Have the lots of months of minimal activity had you taking a look at canine techniques with a brand-new eye? I have actually been training Barli a number of techniques recently (we began with Shake and High 5 then advanced to Perch and bell ringing.) I truly wished to registerContinue Reading

How to Prevent Snowballs in Dog's Foot Pads

If you have a long-haired canine, specifically a sporting type that likewise has actually webbed paws, you might discover yourself selecting and breaking ice and snow accumulation from in between your canine’s paw pads. The snow connects to the canine’s long hair, melts from the temperature, and forms ice ballsContinue Reading

How do I know if my dog is happy?

When your dog comes to greet you, all excited, jumps like a goat, runs around the room, lies on his back waiting for a pat on the tummy, or waggles his tail enthusiastically, you can safely say that he is happy! These obvious signs reflect your dog’s happiness. Even ifContinue Reading

What snow sports can I do with my dog?

For humans, winter sports are often a source of relaxation and rejuvenation. But depending on your temperament, these holidays can also be very sporting. For dogs, winter sports are fun: they generally love the snow, even if small dogs and those without a lot of hair get cold quickly… So,Continue Reading