3 things to know about the shar pei dog

3 things to know about the shar pei dog

Don’t rely on preconceived notions about dog breeds when considering which one to get. It is more interesting to learn more about the breed of dog you are interested in. The Shar pei dog is a breed that stands out because of the cute folds that cover its coat. It originates from China, but is also well appreciated in the United States for example, or even in Great Britain. It has its own particularities and it is a good companion for the family.

Let’s discover in this article the essential information about the Shar pei dog.

Gentle and protective

If you had any doubts, the Shar pei dog is a very gentle animal. It is also calm, and is not aggressive. Moreover, it is instinctively very protective. If you have children, it would be perfect for you as a guard dog. It is the kind of dog also affectionate, who knows how to be close to his master. He is especially very loyal to his master. He does not like solitude, so if you live alone and are rarely present at home, the Shar pei dog is probably not for you. It is nevertheless little demonstrative. It barks little, but is wary of strangers.

The education of the Shar Pei

Like any pet, education is necessary. It is the same for the Shar pei. Even if it is a rather pondered animal, it does not remain about it less than it is necessary to inculcate him the good manners for a good cohabitation. The Shar pei dog can show itself very stubborn, it must thus be educated to understand clearly that it must obey its Master. This last will have to show firmness without exaggerating. Putting him in contact with other animals, walking him, will also help his socialization. It will already be necessary to take care to establish a relationship of trust with him. Then, the education must be progressive. The rules of cleanliness, for example, must be taught to him from a young age so that he keeps the habit when he grows up, even if he is generally a clean dog. You can have more information for a good education of the shar pei by contacting a breeder.

Amazing Dog Hacks

Food and maintenance

If you want to keep your Shar Pei healthy, his diet must be adequate. To determine what would be best for him, some elements must be taken into account like his age and his weight. You will also have to take into account his general health. After the age of six months, two meals a day are recommended for the shar pei. Be careful not to give him too many treats, he could gain weight. Associated with a good diet, regular walks are important.

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For its maintenance, contrary to the received ideas, Shar Pei does not require particular care. It is on the contrary a dog which should not be washed too often, because its skin has a natural protection which would leave by many regular washings. It is not necessary either to clean between the folds, the folds not being fixed, but moving with the dog. Moreover, it is necessary to know that a shar pei of good standard does not have folds other than at the level of the withers, the face and the croup.

Finally, the shar pei is a very pleasant dog to live with, and adopting it from a breeder reduces the risk of diseases. The latter carry out health reviews in order to choose the best subjects and improve the breed.


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